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  • Brit Hotel Arverne - Clermont-Ferrand
    Brit Hotel Arverne - Clermont-Ferrand

Tourism in Puy de Dome

All around Clermont Ferrand and in the whole Puy de Dôme region, there are numerous walking trails: head off on the route of the Gauls, following in the footsteps of Vercingétorix when he vanquished the troops of the Emperor Caesar on theGergovie plateau,discover the archaeological site ofCorentwith the relicsof an Oppidum, the ancient capital of theArverni tribe.

Wander around the streets of Montpeyroux,listed among the mostbeautiful villages in France,for lovers of old stone and tranquility.Discover theunmissable gems of Auvergne Roman art: the superb Saint-Austremoine d’Issoire abbatial churchor the church ofSaint Nectaire.

Travel into the region’s medieval past by visiting theChâteau de Murol,which towers above a basalt plateau, surveying the village below, and scenery which inspired painters at the beginning of the20th centuryknown as theschool of Murol.The television programme ‘Des Racines et des Ailes’ offers you a visit to the Château de Saint Saturnin.

Wander around in the pastoral setting of the many Auvergne lakes: Aydat, Servière, Pavin, Chambon, all of volcanic origin, for hiking, water sports and even fishing underneath the ice during the winter, at the Lac de Guéry.Immerse yourself in winter sports in the resorts of the Sancy Massif, in Mont Dore, in Chastreix or in Superbesse, get a breath of fresh air as a family in the convivial atmosphere of the people-friendly resorts.

Revitalise yourself in the numerous spa resorts:
Chatel Guyon, Royat, La Bourboule, Saint Nectaire, the Auvergne waters are renowned for their beneficial virtues addressing all kinds of wrongs, such as rheumatism, asthma, and respiratory allergies.

Treat yourself to a break in the setting of a stay good for mind and body. Visit Thiers, with its rich industrial past, its timbered houses, a town that continues to demonstrate its expertise in the cutlery industry, and push on all the way to Ambert, for the Richard de Bas mill, a paper mill since the 14th century and nowadays a museum. Discover the many châteaus which open their doors to visitors:Ravel, Aulteribe, Montmorin, Mauzun, Les Martinanches, Le Domaine Royal de Randan, Tournoel… remnants of the history of rural lords.

The ‘Chaine de Puys’ and the Limagne Fault are on course to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which would reward the efforts carried out over many years by the region, to give value to its exceptional natural site.

The Auvergne, the country of water, Volvic black stone, volcanoes, a total change of scene in the middle of France... A land rich in food traditions well worth discovering... A feast for the eyes and all the senses.